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Rules and Regulations


Cesta Dolenjskega odreda 19A, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia
Identification number: 4061365000
Registered at Administrative Unit Ljubljana, Slovenia, order no. 215-69/2014-5, 30th January, 2014

General Terms and Conditions of Use

If you sign up for our newsletter, order an item or register for an event, you accept the terms and conditions of our website use in full. Every time by using our website or by signing up, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use our website, services or sign up.


The general terms and conditions for the website pertain to the use of any of its online content services/services on this website. This is a legally valid and binding agreement between you, the website User, and us, the website content Providers and proprietors of the Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration.


The Provider and proprietor of the website is the Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration, Cesta Dolenjskega odreda 19A, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia.

The User – this is you, a person using our website regardless of whether as a natural or legal person or as their representative or proxy. - is a web portal/website/information system. We provide our own online content, intellectual property and services that are protected by copyright. The use of our website and services is at your own risk. By using our website, signing up or using our services (events, lectures), you accept the terms and conditions of this website in full. And you take full responsibility for its use. Several different authors/external consultants participate in creating the website The Provider of the website takes no responsibility for a legally and morally accurate and viable execution of the external consultants’ services. The external consultants publish various authorized texts and programs. Their activities are, however, independent of the website provider

Centre Higher Vibration - is a physical building, where various lectures and seminars on offer are carried out.



The prices are given next to a specific product and are excluding tax. The Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration is a non-taxpayer.

The prices exclude the costs of shipment.

Payment of Products

The buyer can make payment of the products in two ways:

  • using a Bank account or
  • using PayPal.

Shipping Costs

Payment by a transaction account or PayPal:
The shipping costs include the cost of packaging, handling and shipping. Usually the shipping price amounts to 2.00 EUR. However, it depends on the size and weight of the product.

Purchase above 100.00 EUR - free shipping.

When paying with PayPal, the buyer covers the Fee, provision that PayPal charges for the transaction.


Reclamations are accepted in writing with a returned product and receipt. Please indicate the reasons for reclamation.

Validity Period

The listed prices are irrevocable and valid when purchasing online thus the height of price depends on where the item was purchased – online or at other outlets. When you purchase items, the prices that appear upon order confirmation are valid.

The Proforma Invoice you receive for your online purchase is valid for 5 (five) working days.

Cancel an Order and Return Items

The buyer is entitled to cancel the contract/order in writing up to fifteen days after the purchase by email: The buyer needs to then return the purchased items up to thirty days after filing in the written cancellation. The buyer covers the costs of the return. The returned products must be unused and undamaged. The buyer should also send a copy of the purchased order/receipt. The Provider returns the proceeds to the buyer as soon as possible up to thirty days from receiving the returned purchased item at the latest.

The Consumer Protection Act (complying with the European regulations) states that the buyer cannot cancel a contract in case a product was custom-made.


The warranty terms for our online products are compliant with the Slovenian legislation.

Delivery Period

Most products are on hand, or are at least available after a complete transaction by the buyer. For custom-made products the delivery period adjusts according to the production duration.  The delivery dates are given in the number of working days.


The Provider has to deliver the product in the stated time. The post of Slovenia (Pošta Slovenije) or any other post makes the delivery. If the buyer cannot collect the parcel from the mail carrier, the mail carrier will leave a note in their mailbox.


The Provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal information and orders.


Website Access

The buyer can access our website at any time except for the time our website is being maintained or updated. The Provider reserves the right to withdraw or remove the website (part or a certain function) at any time without any prior notification.


Visiting the website and using its content/services is fully at your own responsibility.

On the website the registered user can watch video clips or listen to online meditations the provider publishes free of charge. The videos are linked to third party sites such as YouTube.

For the use of the website, all the regulations of the Republic of Slovenia in this regard apply. Using the website you agree with its content. Hereby you vouch for a lawful use of this website. Solely you are responsible for knowing and respecting the legislation, regulation acts and all the rules and regulations pertinent to the use of this website.

By agreeing to abide to the General Terms and Conditions of the website you agree not to:

  • Use the website (its content/services) for unlawful purposes or encourage a third party to do so.
  • Use the online content/services for any illegal purposes.
  • Illegally stream or copy our content that is entirely protected by the legislation on intellectual property.

Personal Data Protection

The Provider (Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration) is fully aware of the importance of privacy of every User of the website and collects the following personal information: email and User’s name.

The Provider collects the User’s personal information for their own record and to notify the User about any services or products that are or will be featured. The Provider protects the User’s confidential information from any unauthorized third-party accessing, using or disclosing of the information. The personal information is not passed on to any third party or business partners. The Provider commits to protect the Users’ personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Information from Third Party Sources

The website may contain links to third party websites and services. The third party sites are not used, controlled or revised by the Society of Higher Vibration. The Provider offers these links as additional information about the executors and the content. We do not endorse or control the third parties’ policies, products, information or their practices. When you click on the link of a third party site, you need to follow their rules and regulations.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You fully agree to use the website and our services at your own risk. We disclaim warranties and provide the online services and website functionality "As Is” and “As Available”.

Use of Photos and Graphics

The uploaded photos that were not taken by our users are rightfully bought and/or obtained from the following sites:


Exclusion of Liability

In any case are the Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration, its external website consultants and its associates liable for any incidental, direct or consequential damage or any damages whatsoever that result from your use of or inability to use site or services.

The Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration respects the conventional medicine and does in no way suggest the site user to abandon their medical practices. We even encourage the conventional medicine. The use of our online content and services is allowed solely at your own risk. Using our services and visiting our website, you agree with the following terms and conditions described on our website under section “Warning”.

Warning: Our workshops and therapies are not meant as conventional medicine, on the contrary, they are meant for a person’s spiritual and personal growth. The various forms of counseling and informal instruction we provide online are not formally recognized as therapeutic help or as an official educational program. The various lectures and counseling we provide do not by any means replace the conventional therapeutic practices or treatments. We have accumulated our knowledge from various authors and visits of various courses around the world. We wish to pass our knowledge and experience on with a sole purpose to improve a person’s quality of life by providing an alternative outlook on their life situation. Among other things, the website offers lectures and counseling; the purpose of which is to provide an alternative outlook on any life situation that is by no means part of the conventional medical treatment. The expressions “treatment” and “therapy” in this context stand solely as an improvement of a person’s life quality by providing them an alternative understanding/outlook on their reality. These expressions by no means stand for the conventional physical or psychological treatments. Every person is fully responsible for visiting our counseling sessions or courses that we offer. If you have any doubts regarding suitability of our counseling approaches for yourself or some other person already in the process of a psychological of physical treatment, consult your doctor or therapist. By registering and attending our courses or counseling sessions you agree with the above mentioned terms and conditions and you take full responsibility for your participation.

When the User unlawfully uses our services and content, the Provider is not liable for that.

Reservation of Rights

The Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Every modification of the terms and conditions comes into effect as soon as it gets published on this website or at any other time if stated otherwise.

Cancel Registration / Log Out

If you want to cancel your registration and to unsubscribe from our email newsletters from our website, you need to click the unsubscribe link that is given in every message you receive.

Every User is personally responsible to unsubscribe or delete their account.

Website Disclaimer

The double opt-in method is used on our website for signing up.  This means that when a potential subscriber signs up with their email, this gets double checked by an opt-in confirmation mail that contains a link that needs to be additionally confirmed, so that the signing up process gets realized.

This method is a safety measure, so that only you or the person with your email address can sign up.

Despite all the safety measures, some external person may enter your email address for the registration process. This means you will receive the confirmation email. In such case, simply ignore the confirmation email. It is impossible to supervise such instances and for such occurrences the Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration is not liable.  However, the registration process will not be completed unless you click the link in the opt-in confirmation email. You will not receive any additional email unless you click the link yourself.

Acceptable Use

You may use the website exclusively for personal and noncommercial purposes. It is prohibited to change, copy, distribute, broadcast, facilitate the distribution, reproduce, publish or license our content, also to execute our courses, create derivatives, download or sell any of our information, program equipment, products or services published on the website The only exception is if you properly quote our website as a source.

We allow to quote the link to our website (our home page and/or specific page) if the source of the content and the link are properly stated.

Final Provision

These terms and conditions are a legally binding contract. If any disputes arise in connection to the contractual relationship, this will be taken to court having jurisdiction in such matters in Ljubljana.

Should any disputes arise, both parties involved in the e-commerce agree to present emails as valid evidence in court unless any party contested the considered emails in court prior the dispute with regard to the terms and conditions. If there are any modifications to our website and you continue to use it, you agree with all the modifications.