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Sacred Geometry of The Heart® - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Opozorilo: Ta dogodek že poteka.

When: 19. - 22. september 2019, 9.30 - 19.00
Where: Hotel Medno - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fee: 555 EUR


In Europe only in Slovenia!


DATE: September 19th - 22nd, 2018
TIME: everyday from 9:30 to 19:00

The number of applicants is limited. Applications are mandatory:

PLACE: Hotel Medno ***, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This workshop was in LuKa's creation for many years and connects the Sacred Space of the Heart, Sacred Geometry through experience of both.

"Mostly people start to study Sacred Geometry only through the intellectual understanding. On this workshop we will start experiencing Sacred Geometry first and seeing it through our inner eye of the Heart. Our Heart holds the original memory as being part of the Creator. In ancient Egypt and Atlantis the Sacred Geometry was not meant to be only understood, but mostly experienced. It is the universal language, understanding beyond human words, expansion of consciousness. We will explore what we already know and feel, but have maybe forgotten.

Sacred Geometry of the Heart is a totally different workshop I have ever done. It requires a lot of preparations. So I will not be repeating this workshop really often. It is hard to describe the feeling and passion I have for this work. See you in the center of the Flower of Life."

Lu Ka

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is not the answer to the Universal questions. It is the key to answers. It is the original blueprint through which everything is communicating between each other. It is the creation of all that is and all that isn't. We are all connected through one consciousness of Sacred Geometry.

When you study nature, you see patterns everywhere. From the leaves and petals of a flower, wings of the butterfly, spiral in the seashell, shapes of the galaxies, ratios in our bodies. And people started studying these natural patterns and recognizing that perhaps there is a deeper connection between different levels of life. Maybe the universe was created to follow some specific design. This idea goes back as far as humans have been questioning the universe.

Sacred Geometry is the most studied subject in the whole Universe. It includes not only shapes, but also numbers, sound, colors, vibration.

We didn't invent geometry, or time or numbers. We have discovered them and remembered them. There is a numerological system for everything. The development of creation goes by a pattern of numbers. Numbers are steps of consciousness. They don't exist.

This workshop will be an experiential rollercoaster ride. From the little dot to multiverse and hyperspace. No previous experience or study is necessary.

What are we going to experience?

DAY 1 – “At the beginning there was Nothing.”

  • Remember the basic understanding of Sacred Geometry and it's practical values
  • We will be exploring Sacred Geometry through the left brain and right brain, solid and imaginative world
  • Drawing, coloring, creating, exploring 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D Sacred Geometry
  • Understanding Universe, Multi-Universe, Parallel realities, Timelines, Incarnation, Spirals of time, Free will, Divine plan, Ascension, Descension, Oneness, Duality, Trinity, Akasha…
  • Individual exercises and meditations and exercises in groups
  • Using our imagination to go beyond our limits
  • Sacred Geometry imagery exercises

DAY 2 – “Then there was Movement.”

  • Entering the Sacred space of the Heart through Heart Sacred Geometry
  • Combining Dancing, Singing, Healing
  • Understanding the motions and vibrations of sound, frequencies, 440Hz, 432Hz, Alchemy of sound
  • Seeing the sound becoming visual
  • Seeing the sound with inner eye
  • Healing with sound, geometry and hearts
  • Many exercises of using our bodies through Sacred Geometry

DAY 3 – “Then we created Duality.”

  • Sacred Geometry Divination technique
  • Channeling the Akashic record through the Sacred Geometry and the Heart
  • Understanding principles of “Two becoming One”
  • Finding personal Sacred Geometry of the Soul
  • We will go through the ancient understanding of the Universe
  • Many individual exercises and group exercises
  • And much more

DAY 4 – “To remember who we really are.”

  • Finding your Life purpose and why we come to Earth
  • Finding your Personal Geometry
  • Ascension and Remembering who you really are
  • Hundred monkey effect and Unity consciousness
  • Connecting our Heart with Sacred Geometry with whole Universe
    (because our Heart has Universe inside already)
  • Unity Sacred Geometry dance and ceremony


*** Workshop will be held in Slovenian language with translation in English, Croatian and German language, depends on number of applications and interest.  ***



The contribution for the workshop can be settled IN SEVERAL INSTALLMENTS, but entirely up to the beginning of the workshop.


  • Mindfold masks (original made in US)
  • Four SGTH Scripts & two Workbooks (by LuKa)
  • Sacred geometry drawing tools and a bag (compass, pencil, coloring pencils, rubber, ruller...)
  • crystal Platon Solids set for Sacred geometry divination
  • Sacred geometry meditation hooded robe
  • Bag to carry the tools

Value of the above mentioned tools included in the price: cca 140 EUR.

The price also includes sweet and salty snacks, drinks (tea, coffee, juice, water) and fruits.

Applications are mandatory:

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