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Shamanic Heart Healing® - Level 1 and 2 - Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Opozorilo: Ta dogodek je že mimo.

When: 24. - 27. august 2019, 9.30 - 19.00
Where: Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Fee: 333 EUR - individual Level 222 EUR

Shamanic Heart Healing®
Level 1 & 2 - Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

When: August 24th - 27th, 2019, 9:30 - 19:00
Location: Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Price: 333 EUR - individual Level 222 EUR
The contribution for the workshop can be settled IN SEVERAL INSTALLMENTS, but entirely up to the beginning of the workshop.

*** Workshop will be held in Slovenian language with translation in English, Croatian and German language, depends on number of applications and interest.  ***

Number of participants is limited.
Mandatory applications on:

Date of the Level 1: August 24th - 25th, 2019 (Sat & Sun)
Date of the Level 2: August 26th - 27th, 2019 (Mon & Tue)
Time: 9:30 - 19:00

„Using our ancient healing Powers from the Sacred Space of the Heart.“


This workshop consists of five Levels, which complement each other and escalate. At the workshop you connect the ancient wisdom of the Shamans and the power of your Sacred Space of the Heart from your current point of understanding.

At the workshop Shamanic Heart Healing® you will remember that a Shaman healer is hidden inside you.

Shamanic Heart Healing - Level 1
"Basic workshop"

This 2 day course includes practices and understanding of the basic shamanic work.
After the finished workshop you will be able to use the practices on yourself and partially on others.
We will also prepare you for the Level II of this course.

After the finished and certified workshop you will:

  • Learn what is shamanic heart healing all about and who is a shaman
  • Understand the relationship between the Heart and the Healing
  • Be able to create sacred space for healing and call in the spirit guides
  • Connect to your spirit power animal and your inner teacher
  • Know how the medicine wheel works and how to use it in everyday practices
  • Learn the heart illumination, power retrieval and other ways of shamanic heart healing
  • Use your inner Imagery and intuition in your healing practices
  • Know the distance healing methods
  • Know how to see or know if you have a permission for healing
  • And all that is impossible to write or describe, but only experience

Shamanic Heart Healing - Level 2
"Advanced workshop"

This 2 day workshop includes practices and understanding of advanced shamanic healing.

After the finished and certified workshop you will:

  • Go deeper into the subjects and techniques you got on the first part of this course
  • Understand how the process of soul fragmentation works and how does it influence a person life
  • Understand the intrusive and stuck energies in the body and how to release them
  • Remember how to use your second awareness to detect the source of a problem or a disease
  • Know the technique of Heart illumination, Shamanic Extraction, Power animal and Soul Retrieval
  • Learn how to do group healing work
  • Be able to use the techniques as a Shamanic Heart Healing practitioner


* Material

On each Level you will receive:

  • script with materials, exercises with part for your notes,
  • music and PDF material which will be sent after the workshop to your e-mail.

After application information about tools you need for each Level will be sent to you.

Mandatory applications on:

After receiving application letter 50 EUR deposit for EACH LEVEL have to be paid to confirm your participation.

* Price:

  • Level 1 (2 days): 222 EUR
  • Level 2 (2 days): 222 EUR
  • Level 1 & 2 = 333 EUR (instead of 444 EUR)

Presented by: LuKa

* By signing up for the event, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Society Higher Vibration, which can be found here:

Event Participation Terms and Conditions Organized by Društvo za duhovni razvoj Višja Vibracija / Society for Spiritual Development Higher Vibration

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