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Welcome to the Higher Vibration

As you wander through our website, you will find contents, products and people that can serve as a valuable tool in the path of personal and spiritual development. Higher Vibration is a portal that connects providers of therapies, workshops and consseling in the field of spirituality, and allows you to choose exactly what you need most at the moment. Our products will adorn your  home and bring you the necessary energy support.


19.8.2014 - We accept PAYPAL

Dear random and regular visitors to our website. We would like to let you know that from 20/08/2014 we also accept orders via PAYPAL account. When you order, please write it below the note. Read more »

Random article: About Lu Ka

About Lu Ka "I help people to remember what they already know. People call me a teacher, but actually I am more of a catalyst of awakening. I create workshops where we can remember and experience Oneness through our Hearts. And I am doing what I was doing even before I came to this planet, I am bringing people to sacred places to reconnect to their true nature and to help them with their awakening." Read more »

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